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Great Books to Expand Your Thinking

First, the Stuart Wilde books.
When it comes to spiritual teachings - you can't get more fun than this guy. These books are safe for beginners. Some of his books can get very far out and you need to build up to them for them to make any sense.

Wayne Dyer
Okay, Wayne isn't as fun, but he's got great things to say and his books are well written. In fact, it seems to me his books just keep getting better and better. I'm not sure which of these two was the one that really impressed me, but they're all good.

James Redfield
This book was hugely popular when it came out. And for good reason. It's a fun adventure story that imparts some key information for life. Learning about our control dramas we use on each other was an unforgettable lesson for me. If you like this book, you'll find his other books are helpful too.

Dan Millman
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a classic. A fun story that has expanded many a mind. The concept of learning how to breathe properly is still with me. I found the sequel to be even more incredible.

Rob Brezny
The book Pronoia is in a class by itself. It's a collection essays, jokes and stories - each with the power to change the way you look at the world. There are also many excercises for you to try - each with the power to change the way you look at yourself. Many of the bits are one-pagers and there are doodles everywhere. It's a fun book and you don't have to read it cover to cover, you can just open it up anywhere and begin with the first gem you see. (That's what I do, I have a special shelf with those kinds of books that I can open to any page and find something useful and relevant). It's not for everybody, some people might find it a bit too creative and far-out there. Give it a try, if it doesn't delight you, you surely know somebody who would love to receive it as a gift.

Deepak Chopra
This is one of his latest books, I haven't read it yet. But if it's anything like his other books (and the reviews seem to say so), then it is worth reading. Deepak is one of the greats in this genre.

When I worked in a book warehouse I thought energy healing sounded interesting and I wondered if there was anything to it. I looked at every book on the subject. This is the only one that seemed worth taking seriously. It's written by an engineer, not a tooty-frooty new-ager. His master (also an engineer) approached energy healing as a science, with an emphasis on simple techniques that create duplicatable results that anybody can learn to use. This book changed my life.

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