Highway 2, Washington

February 23, 2012

This is westbound on I-90 in Spokane. I like the juxtaposition of old and new.
For a while, Hwy 2 and I-90 are the same road. The Hwy 2 exit is a few miles further along.

Speaking of old and new, what do you see when you walk out the door of that grand old building? A big milk bottle!
I like to think that in 50 years the milk bottle will be long gone, but that edifice will look pretty much the same.

This is on Hwy 2, just a few miles past Airway Heights (the last suburb of Spokane).
I can see that I'm about to drop into a whole different scene.

I thought I had driven this road years ago, but none of this looked familiar. I was thrilled!

The theme for this region is farming.

Lots of acres for the plowing.

If you really want to get away from it all, you could try one of these roads that leave the highway.

Brown earth, blue sky.

Trees and a water tower, what town could this be? (Reardan.)

You never know what you'll see in these old farming towns. Wanna buy a caboose?

Road shine is hard to get with a camera for some reason. This is pretty shiny though.

I'd like to drive through in the summer too.

Approaching Davenport, the county seat.

Past Davenport is a stretch that's too rough for farming it seems. Looking at the poles, is that the old highway?

I couldn't help but think "busy work".

I got to follow this trailer for the next forty miles.

The town of Wilbur Washington.

There aren't too many diners left on the highway. Billy Burgers is an exception.

Then boom, right back out into the open.

That's Almira coming up on the right. They chose not to have the highway run through town.

The Grand Coulee is a big gouge running north and south through the middle of the state. We can see it now.

Below the Grand Coulee Dam is Banks Lake. Here I'm crossing the end of it at Dry Falls Dam. Lots of ice!

I pulled over for pictures. Looking back at Banks Lake and Dry Falls Dam.

At the end of Banks Lake is Coulee City.

Looking down the Coulee canyon.

Back up on the hill, more farms! Snow on the ground too.

Next time I'm going to pull over and take pictures like I'm serious about it.

This is Moses Coulee. (I just looked that up.)

The road goes across the Coulee, then back up onto the other side.

Approaching the Cascade Mountains. You can see this road is very very long and straight.

It keeps going.

And going.

Approaching the town of Douglas. Everybody lives behind that clump of trees there.

Downtown Douglas. You can tell they're religious here because the church looks immaculate.

Up a little higher.

The town of Waterville, elevation 2622'.

I turned the corner and it was time to say bye-bye to Waterville.

Here they farm wherever they can.

This is the long downhill stretch to the Columbia River.

A thrill to drive.

Finally at the bottom of the hill. The sign says elevation 785'.

Heading south. Pretty sure that's Lincoln Rock State Park on the river.

Erosion can be beautiful.

Some apple crates waiting for the next harvest.

Approaching Wenatchee.

About to cross the Columbia River, before the Wenatchee River contributes.

I turned off the highway for a grocery store and saw this old beauty.

Wenatchee behind me, heading towards Cashmere. The Wenatchee River to the left of the highway.

A glimpse of the river.

Pretty sure this is the turn off for Cashmere (which is on the other side of the river).

The next big town is Leavenworth.

Rounding a corner in Leavenworth.

Still lots of snow here.

The Wenatchee River in the Tumwater Canyon.

A peaceful strech of river.

The sun is thinking about setting.

The roads were great, no ice.

A twilight zone - kinda light and dark at the same time.

Almost to Stevens Pass. A little bit of slush, no biggie.

A fine ski season at the pass.

The downhill stretch.

Everybody is in a hurry to get home now.

No I'm not driving on the wrong side of the road. I wanted a good picture of Bridal Veil Falls so I pulled over for it.

Arriving in Monroe. I could have been at Mom's house by now, inspecting the contents of the refridgerator.
But I'm glad I took the scenic route, it was worth it.

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