I-5 to LA and back July 24-26, 2011

It's Shasta-stic! (you have to say it right)

The Tacoma Dome.

Saw all kinds of old cars along the way, this station wagon was my fave. He's even got a wooden surf board on the rack!

Saw a lot of hawks in Oregon. It should be the state bird! Must be some tasty rodents in that field.

Pastoral and beautiful. Those are a couple good words for it.

The southern half of Oregon is more mountainous. There's a lot more turns to the road.

Studied the map. I'm sure that is Mt McLaughlin (9,495') just 40 miles east of Medford.
It's a six mile hike up. I'll be sure to detour for it next trip.

Mt Shasta peeking over the mountains.

The only stop sign on I-5 is when entering California. "Any fruits or plants?"

Northern California is kind of scrubby.

And then Mt Shasta really comes into view. There's a cinder cone (old mini volcano) to the right.

There's a view point you can pull over into (southbound only). Here's a full wide view.
I-5 goes to the right of the cinder cone.

Now you know the elevations!

A close up with some Photoshop SmartFix to clear up the haze.

This got the SmartFix treatment too. It can make a hazy day look clear!

Turning right I zoomed in on the cinder cone.

On the road again. Mt Shasta is still many miles away.

I've been to Elk, Washington before. If I take this exit I can check out Gazelle, Oregon. So many colors, I had to give this pic the Photoshop SmartFix too.

Getting closer.

On my last trip I drove by at night in the rain. Missed out big time!

For an out the window picture at 70mph, the Nikon (and Photoshop for this one) did okay.

Having a car in the picture gives you a better idea of the scale.

I chuckle every time. They named their town Weed!

Drive around the corner and the mountain is noticeably closer!

Mt Shasta looming large.

The cinder cone is too.

A look back shows the terrain of Mt Shasta looks a lot different from this angle.

A lot of people boating on Lake Shasta today.

Northern California farm country.

A look to my right. Ah, that afternoon light.

A look to my left.

These silos were practically glowing.

A goo factory. (Just a guess.) Is this where corn syrup comes from?

Hazy, smoggy California.

And after many miles of farm lands, a city comes into view. Sacramento.

Seems like a clean, modern city from the interstate.

I drove to Fullerton (a little past LA) and spent the night. Took my class and went out for nice dinner. Then drove that evening a couple hundred miles north
to sleep at this rest area. It's a little after 6am here. I hit the highway soon after.

Wide open farm country in the morning sun.

It boggles the mind how much labor must go into some of these farms.

I'm pretty sure this exit has a truck stop.

A lucky shot where everything seemed to come together magnificently.

This is what it looks like when you take your sunglasses off! Bright!

In places like this my foot wants to get heavy.

I think this is Santa Nella, one of the bigger farm towns to fuel up at.

The San Francisco Bay is over 50 miles away, but a finger of it reaches all the way here to Stockton.

Here's part of the reason it's dusty and hazy in this valley.

Here's another reason.

And of course everybody knows cows fart smog!

Mt Shasta coming into view.

I like taking pix of big machinery. 50 years from now it will be like looking at pictures of steam shovels.
What does that machine on the left do anyway?

The bridge over Lake Shasta.

Another great day for boating!

Getting closer to The Big Shazz! (Hopefully nobody else calls it that, that would be ridiculous.)

Near Dunsmuir on the way to Weed.

But first we need to drive around the cinder cone.

I knew there had to be a trail up. This looks like the exit. I think I see the trail.

At this rest stop you have to hold your camera over the fence around the airport to get a pic. (See the runway?)

A close up with a little bit of Photoshop love.

Back down the road.

So that's where it is! I guess the leprechuans have been hiding it.

Gotta love whimsical roadside art! This dragon is probably thirty feet long!

A wide shoulder caused me to pull over for the last few Shasta pix.

Didn't use the Photoshop Smartfix for this one, just lightened the shadows instead.

Then through the less scenic stretch to Oregon.

Pretty sure I'm in Oregon for this picture.

Definitely Oregon.

Central Oregon.

Portland near sunset. Wish I had set the camera to wide angle, but you can get the idea. It was nice out.
Another great trip!

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