The Motorhome's First Adventure

Stevens Pass - April 15-17, 2011

The view towards the Stevens Pass ski lodge from my spot in the RV Parking lot.

My cozy little home for the weekend. Don't let the icicles fool you. The RV was plugged into 30 Amps and the heaters had no problem keeping it 70 degrees inside.
In case you were wondering, it's a 27' 1990 Coachmen Catalina with a 460.

The view from the big lodge . Heated sidewalks - brilliant!

Walking back towards the highway and parking lot. Full!

The RV parking lot is further up the hill and not very full on this Friday afternoon. (It filled up later in the eve).

These people have figured out how to make an old motorhome look cool!

I backed up to the hill so I could ski right in. When the parking lot was snowplowed a berm was left in front of the rig. Didn't even notice it when I drove through it.

This is a clean before the trip picture. (Looking towards the bedroom in back). The white box on the floor is the dehumidifier.

This is while up there (after a little tidying up). Even though it didn't get sunny, at times the light bouncing off all the snow did make it pretty bright inside.
Refridgerator/freezer on the left, the shower is the next door back. Across the hall is the bathroom.

Looking towards the front. Not the most color coordinated interior. But it's clean and comfy.
The red couch folds down so the rig can sleep six - or three with everybody getting their own bed.

For the most part I kept the privacy blind on and the drapes/blinds closed to help keep the living space warm.

A late night rain melted a fair bit of snow. A look out the door up at the ski slope before leaving.

The new pedestrian bridge over the highway.

The snow pack is still pretty deep for April.

Rocks. Slide Area. Treacherous Corner. - You don't get this kind of driving adventure in town.

Yes the picture is crooked, but that's the way it looked from the motorhome (with it's twenty year old suspension) as it went careening around the bend. Oooh, tingles all over!

I'm including this picture because it makes me laugh. That "Jazz Your Java" car passed me like I was standing still!

Maybe it's just the wide angle lens; but we can seem pretty small in the great outdoors.

The Deception Falls parking lot is closed.

But a couple hundred yards before that there is a wide shoulder where you can easily pull over and park.

Or you can see the falls as you drive by - if you turn your head at exactly the right moment!

From the parking lot you would cross this bridge.

Which takes you to this viewing platform. (This picture is looking down on it from the highway.)

This might be my best wide angle view on this cloudy day.

Or it might be this one (of the dozens taken).

Decided this is the best close up (of the dozen).

When you see that much moss on the trees you know you're in a rainforest.

Sometimes there is lots of room for the highway.

Sometimes the highway and railroad get squeezed right against the river.

A lucky photo of the river. Should stop and get out of the car for some of these pictures!

Pure driving pleasure.

And then Bridal Veil Falls comes into view.

If you have a car that looks like that, you might want to copy this picture!

Yeah, the trucks are big. But I love how the massive wall of granite looms over them in the background.

Arthur Clarke once said that it is impossible for Bigfoot to exist because there are so many logging roads in the Pacific Northwest
that there is no where for it to hide. Did he ever visit this place?

I like to include the occasional "slice of life" picture. Someday when we're all driving electric cars we can look back and marvel that anybody would pay $4 for a gallon of gas.
Either that or we'll long for the good old days when you could buy a gallon of gas for only $4.

Sometimes it seems even our large freeways are just narrow ribbons cut through the wilderness.

Ah, spring time!

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