I-90 from Ellensburg to Cheney, Washington

March 23, 2011

The drive is beautiful. Beyond Ellensburg is scenery I don't get to photograph very often. Especially past the Gorge at George.
Some folks are goofy for lighthouses. I got a thing for wind turbines!

Take enough pictures through the windshield - and every now and then everything will come together perfectly.
Not only is the cloud shadow on the hill awesome, and the exposure perfect - I actually managed to hold the camera level!

This is river impresses me every time. Whether I'm crossing here at Vantage or downstream at Longview or Astoria.

The Columbia River. It looks a lot smaller in the picture.

Okay one more.

A view for miles.

There are a lot of miles to roll through, but there's variety to the view.

Sprague. Pretty sure they farm here.

When I start to see evergreen trees I know it's not too much further. (They're on the right.)

Granite or Willow Lake. I'm still learning the area. There looks to be over a dozen lakes in the Four Lakes area.

270 miles from Seattle. The neighborhood next the interstate is Four Lakes. Cheney is about five miles south.

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