Leavenworth, Washington

December 27, 2010

Driving east on Hwy 2 through Leavenworth. Spent Christmas weekend there with Mom and Rich.

The park where these people are (and where the trees are brilliantly lit at night) is the heart of Leavenworth. The street below it is pedestrian only.
Walking the few blocks is touristy, but it's also charming, interesting, and very pretty. Especially at night in December.

This is the east end of town. After getting a coffee we turned around to head west back home.

There are no suburbs on the west end of Leavenworth - the highway goes directly into Tumwater Canyon (Wenatchee River).

The little candy shop on the river is the only store for probably twenty miles.

Out of the canyon.

If the Jeep was any other color I probably wouldn't have bothered with this picture.

Visibility was good here.

It had snowed hard the night before.

Here we can compare snow covered deciduous trees on the left with snow covered evergreen trees on the right!

Stevens Pass. Not the best skiing weather, but there are no bad days right?

The west side of Stevens Pass was a lot more icy than the east side. At one point I think I smelled a little poop in the car!

Down into the Skykomish River valley. Easy driving from here.

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