Yakima River on August 12-14, 2010

Giving the Bighorn Campground a try

Canyon Road from I-90. When you take the exit it loops you around to a stop sign (where the black minivan, white car, white truck, grey car is).
If you take a right you'll go into downtown Ellensburg. A left takes you into the canyon. This is the last store/gas/restaurant on the way.

Here at the Bighorn campground there are lots of trees and no pavement. (A lot of road noise though.)

Our campsite. We gathered some rocks together and made a fire ring.

Still a touch of sunshine on the hill on the left.

Definitely not springtime anymore. The hills are looking more brown than green.

Here's why we didn't stay at Big Pines - no vacancy!

I count five Dahl Sheep (like bighorn sheep). Hint: there's two at the upper left.

At Ringer Road you have to pay to park, at Bighorn you have to pay to launch. These guys are going with the free side of the road option.


Bright out!

Approaching the lunch spot.

From Sandwich Island. We've often seen bighorns from here. Can you see their trails above the railroad line?

It's a perfect little island. It has everything. Easy landing, a beach, even some bushes to duck behind.

Ah, this is the life.

This is really awesome.

PacMan is a warning to not let your raft scrape on the wall, it might get popped. Popular place to jump in.

The road goes up and over, the river swings wide to the right.

Thanks to the tower on the hill there is cell phone service here.

While at Beercan Island I heard some women complaining about the heat as they were floating by. So I grabbed my soaker, gave chase and drenched 'em!
There was enough laughter mixed in with the screaming that I know they loved it. I cooled them off plus gave them something to talk about later. : )

You could be here on the next float.

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