Yakima River Float on July 29-31, 2010

A wacky weather weekend

Issaquah was all kinds of cloudy.

Ellensburg almost always has nice weather.

Driving into the Yakima River Canyon.

A couple rafters already on the water this Friday.

The Roza boat ramp. Usually don't camp here.

There's only six campsites here, I got the last one.

Went for a walk this evening. That V notch in the hill is where I left the road and headed up.

Along the way I flushed out an osprey who dragged her feet in the river has she soared over it.

A look back at the Roza campsite.

Rich showed up! That night it stormed so hard most of the people in the background got no sleep and were packed up and gone by 6am!

In the morning we got ready to raft. I never sleep in that blue tent but I always set it up because it's handy for changing clothes among other things.

As we drove upriver to launch I got this pic of Big Horn campsite. This is why we're not camping here - it's full!

Early riser.

I'm so glad we don't launch here at Big Horn anymore. What a zoo!

Launching from Ringer Road starts out a little woodsy.

But soon we are in the canyon.

Taken from Sandwich Island (our name, not on any map!), where we like to stop for lunch.

The PacMan rock is always a popular place to hang out and jump in.


The white lines are ash from ancient volcano eruptions (like Mt Rainier).



Not a great pic of Rich, but the light on the hillside is fantastic.

Crazy weather. We had sun, rain, wind and clouds.

But at least it was warm. And for the last hour of the float the sky turned blue again. Nice!
BTW, you don't have to paddle if you float with me. Just clip on the front of my raft and relax!

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