Mt Washington - May 22, 2010

Climbing into the clouds!

Towards Issaquah the weather was looking a little wetter than at home.
(That curious texture you see, it's the dashboard reflecting on the inside of the windshield.)

Yup, it got wetter pretty quick. The big hill in the background, in the rain clouds - that's Mt Washington.

Nice on the trail. Looking back down.

The waterfall photo.

Not all trees in the forest are vertical.

Onward through the old clear cut.

Around the rock.

The cliffs where big rocks in the middle of the trail come from.

Sunshine + Opportunity = Happy Photographer

A bit overexposed, it wasn't that bright in real life. But to me, still a magical result. No Photoshop was used on this page!

Back to the drizzle and whispy fog.

Verdant, that's a good word for it.

Just below the thick cloud layer.

Jump over the stream.

Snow in the trees just a little higher up.

The pond.

Here's where the trail hits the snow. There was more snow here in May than there was in February!

Good thing the trail is an old logging road through here, it makes it easy to follow.

You can see the trail at the lower right corner. It slowly traverses up the hill.

Caught up to George and Therese.

A nice crisp day for a hike!

George making a push for the top.

Enough of a break in the clouds to see the interstate below.

Pretty cloudy most of the time.

Near the top we could make out the lake for a moment.

On the way down had a bigger break to look through. Light was fading so the camera went into the pack for the rest of the trip.

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