Yakima River Hike on May 8-9, 2010

There's more to do than just raft!

Hardly anybody here this time of year. We came to raft, but it turns out we ended up hiking up that hill instead.

A look north where we need to go to launch the rafts this morning. That's a lot of clouds. But we packed up to go anyway.

On the drive upriver things got darker.

Soon we decided it wasn't such a good weekend for rafting after all.

Went past the launching spot to Ellensburg. Major thunderstorms up the road.

Back at camp the weather was okay.

We decided to go for a hike instead.

George and Therese are always willing to make something fun happen. Gotta love 'em!

On our way up. These things are always steeper than they look from camp.

A look back at Big Pines campground. The downstream half of it anyway.

Now you can see upstream part of the campground too. To the right of the pavement is the tent camping area.

G and T sat for a breather. I got summit fever and pushed on to the top.

So that's what those rocks look like from the backside.

A look over the hilltop further downstream.

When G and T caught up to me we took a little break here.

Then they walked across this ridge (can you see them?) to where they could look over the other side to the river below.

Here's what it looked like when I caught up to them.

A look left. The river bends around the end of the ridge and doubles back so that Big Pines is behind us.

We moseyed down the ridge. The big hill on the left is not visible from camp. Someday I'd like to walk the rest of the way up.

Walking back down.

Took this little gulley back to the road.

Getting dark in camp.

Time to build a fire, cook dinner, and relax after a fun day of hiking. (Photoshop would do wonders for this pic, wish I had the extra time.)

On the drive home I got a good picture of Mt. Stuart from Elk Heights (just west of E-burg).

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