Mt Washington - Feb 21, 2010

Up to the beaver pond.

The waterfall picture.

The area was logged out a few decades ago. The replacement forest is still young here.

There's a view of Rattlesnake Mountain. If you've ever hiked to Rattlesnake Ledge, they're the rock outcroppings on the left.

If you hike there, take an extra ten minutes to walk past the Middle Ledge to the Upper Ledge. Much better view.

Tweaked the colors with Photoshop to make this trail picture a little more interesting.

Hiked up only as far as the beaver pond. No sign of beavers, people just call it that.

The moon and sun were still high in the sky.

The thawing ice made an interesting pattern. With a little imagination you can see all kinds of things!

I took a ridiculous number of pictures here.

I stayed until the sun went behind the hill. It was a relaxing afternoon.

On the way out caught a good view up the Middle Fork valley.

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