Snoqualmie Mountain
November 3, 2008

SR 900 on my way to Issaquah. I like the way this picture seems to have movement.

Mt Si, from my window, as I'm driving. With a little more composition, showing the clouds at the base, this could have been great. It's still cool.

Bandera Mtn has snow on it, and I still have 10 miles to drive to the Pass.

On this Monday, it seems I was the only one who felt like hiking.

A view of the parking lot below.

Leaves and shrubs on the way up.

The view of the waterfall area during my rest stop.

A look down.

A look further up the waterfall.

You can see the trail under the bare branch.

I like the way my cooler contrasted with the surroundings. Yes, I brought ice up there!

Majestic snags in their snowy raiment.

Don't remember if this is trail or not.

You can see my footprints here, not much of a trail...

The clouds parted and gave me a view.

the trail goes towards the big rock, then turns left.

More view, Guye Peak to the left.

Didn't notice Jack on the way up, but did on the way down!

Love the way the mountain looks in this picture.

Really like the way the mountain seems to appear out of the clouds - and I can see my van too.

This is what it really looked like - this picure is not overexposed like the last couple.

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