Rattlesnake Ledge
August 30, 2008

From here you can see all three ledges.

A view of the lake from the first ledge.

Popular place to be this Saturday afternoon.

Hmmm, I must have been sitting on something the wrong way...

Looks like it's raining in Snoqualmie Middle Fork valley.

Looking at Mt Washington.

Mt Si and North Bend.

From the Middle Ledge, a look back down at the Lower Ledge.

At the Upper Ledge.

The shutters were clicking wildly!

Scott surveying the landscape.

A view far and wide. Looking north to the Middle Fork.

My best ledge and lake pic of the trip.

A look back up the trail.

Cooling off by the lake.

It doesn't look like Zuzu is doing the tangling this time!
Another great hike!

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