Rattlesnake Ledge
October 17, 2007

It was a heavy overcast afternoon with lots of showers - not the best weather for pictures.
But that didn't stop me. Here are the best of my attempts.

This is the beginning of the trail. After this I put the camera away and concentrated on hiking. I regret not taking more pictures of the fall colors along the way. Higher up the vine maple was a vibrant yellow this time of year.

Here's the view of the partially empty lake from the first ledge. From the center of the picture if you look directly left about halfway to the edge of the photo, you'll see a white speck - that's my van.

I got invaded by a group of munchkins (from a daycare perhaps?) and moved up to the middle ledge. The first ledge is slightly below the center of the picture.

Haven't taken a picture like this in a while. Although I could barely see anything after arriving at the first ledge, the clouds cleared quite a bit by this time. After taking several pictures, the clouds started rolling back in. Lucky me!

I like the way the clouds delineate the first ledge here.

Zooming in on Chester Morse Lake. That's where a lot of Seattle's drinking water comes from.

Looking a little to my left, the clouds make it easy to spot Cedar Butte (the small hill). Mount Washington is the big hill behind it.

Back down at the lake, the setting sun lit up this low cloud. Do you see the couple people by the shore?

Looking back up at the first ledge. It looks much bigger in person!

When I went to shrink these pics for the website I made a mistake and stretched them instead. I kinda like the way these turned out.

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