Yakima River June 2007

Before Big Pines got paved.

Wildflowers help any scenic picture!

So do cloulds!

There's a good picture at most every corner.

Very canyon-ey here.

I threw my stuff out over a big area to save spots for friends.

Raft box, handwashing box (as close as I can get to bringing the kitchen sink), there's also a box for tables and folding chairs.

Strange seeing it without pavement now.

I'm amazed I can get all that stuff in the van!

The train rolls by on the other side of the river. If you wave he'll honk the horn.

It was so much easier to save camping spots for friends back then. The two car per campsite rule is a hassle.

The place is sort of like a wildlife sanctuary.

It seems to me there are more shrubs on the hills now. I think it is raining here more than it used to.

The sun is going behind the canyon wall.

Another peaceful night of crickets.

On the water!

Mike blazing the way.

A bathroom break.

The break times are fun too.

It's a good idea to pull the rafts up far enough so there is no worries about anything floating away.

Dinner time.

A new day of rafting.

I don't do a long line of rafts anymore. To much effort to make sure everybody is safe.

I like to keep my friends out of the bushes!

A hot day.

A really hot day. Lots of trips have been in the 90s.

Hi Stephanie!

Mike felt like paddling around to everybody so he didn't clip on the line.

On the way home got a wide angle picture of the peaks around Snoqualmie Pass.

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