Kamikazi Falls Trail
April 15, 2007

This trail has been rebuilt and doesn't follow the stream up anymore. It was great while it lasted!

First it rained a bit. Then the sun came out and the trail got steamy.

The clouds were low. Soon I would be hiking up into them.

The waterfall trail was very mossy today.

One of many little falls along the way.

A strange symmetry. Used to be a log between those trees me thinks.

A mossy cascading creek.

This is just a quick picture of the big falls to show I was there. Not well composed, but I'm okay with that.
It was too wet for the new camera and too chilly to bother getting comfy. Snow on the ground!

Not much of a trail in places, but it works.

The forest is dense.

A cool picture of lichen and moss. Next time I'll try it with more daylight (and depth of field). Might make an interesting computer wallpaper photo though.

Easy trail through slender trees.

A completely over-exposed picture, that turned out remarkably cool.

The flower properly exposed.

More salmonberry blossoms. Soon they will be berries.

One last pic of the cascading creek.

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