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Fiber Is Saving Your Life!

Your body is polluted.
   Some of it'is your fault, you enjoyed ingesting it, and maybe it really was worth it. But a lot of the pollution in your body was not your fault. It came from the water supply, the food supply and from the air you breathed. Pollution comes in all forms: pesticides, plastics, fertilizers, preservatives, industrial emissions or accidents, pharmaceuticals, solvents, heavy metals - it's a long list. There are naturally occuring substances that can be harmful too like flourine, arsenic or lead.
   The largest source of pollution in our bloodstream comes from our own body. Just like we take in water and nutrients and then excrete waste, so do our cells. Billions of cells are dumping their sewage into our bloodstream at any given moment. Then there's the goo that's left over after the immune system mops up an infection. Yuk.

Thank goodness for our liver.
   The liver is the second largest organ of our body (after skin which is considered the first largest organ). It has the big job of cleaning up our bloodstream. Yes the kidneys do important work too, but the liver is the heavy hitter. It filters mass quantities of blood, and neutralizes all kinds of threats to the body. And what does the liver do with all that nasty stuff it collects or creates in the process of breaking down other toxins? That poison goes down a tube and gets squirted directly into the large intestine to be pooped out later.

But there's a problem.
   Where the tube squirts the poison into the large intestine is still a ways upstream from where your body expells it in the morning. Which means a lot of that poison can be reabsorbed back into your bloodstream through the large intestine! Which means your liver has to do the work all over again, on top of the regular work load it already has. (Hopefully it's not Saturday night!) If this process of reabsorbing your waste keeps repeating itself, you could drown in your own toxic soup. In fact, if your system gets too overloaded, it could look you're having liver failure even though your liver is working fine! (Orange skin is a sure sign of liver/toxicity problems.)

Fiber to the rescue!
   When there's enough fiber in your diet, it absorbs those toxins the liver is spitting out and holds onto them so they can be safely expelled with the next bowel movement. Kerplop!

Fiber does even more.
   Refined foods, especially the flour kind like donuts or bread, can layer up and cake on the walls of the small intestine - which blocks the intestines from absobing the nutrients you need for life. When you eat fiberous foods with a lot of "roughage", it will sweep the intestinal walls like a broom sweeping a floor. It's important to keep your digestive system working well.

What's the best source of fiber?
   Fruits and vegetables of course! Eating a little bit of fruit every day and some veggies too (cooked or raw, either way) is so important. Make fiber exciting. Go berry picking in season, plant a plum tree nearby or visit the farmer's market every week. Like Grandma used to say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

The Healing That Only You
Can Do For Yourself

This article was ambitious and I feel this attempt is a failure. It looks like it might be the most scatter brained report on this website. But it might also be the most important. It seems to me the link between the health of our body and the health of our spirit is hugely important. And since it rarely comes up when somebody is sick or visiting their doctor, I figure it's worth mentioning.

We are more than just flesh and bones.
   There is a ghost in the machine. Ancient teachings say that the soul spark inside of us is just a chip off a much larger block - The Higher Self. When the Higher Self projects a splinter of itself into a physical body, it has reasons for doing so. It has a plan. With lessons to learn, bad karma to correct and good karma to create through service to others, and fun adventures for the mind, heart and body. Your soul is yearning for growth, wisdom and a good time.

As we go through life, we are bombarded by impulses.
   Some are basic like sleep, talk, eat, scratch, shop, fart, change the channel, stare into the refridgerator, etc. Some are more advanced like feed the cat, pay the taxes, set the DVR, fix the closet door, etc. Plus, there are impulses that aren't even ours - they're coming from people around us, the environment, and from the media barrage we swim through every day.
   But most important of all, you also get psychic nudges to do better for yourself. A part of you wants to go for a walk every day and eat healthier. Or has an urge to create something unique that has never been seen before. Or to learn a foreign language and travel. Or to help others, or make a discovery, or a rescue, or learn, or do - Something. Something that only you know and feel. Those kinds of impulses are your Higher Self trying to steer you towards your plan.

Why is it that some people are chronically in a state of dis-ease, while many old timers are walking around in vibrant health with a springey step and sparkley eyes?
   The biggest difference may be how good the connection is between their Higher Self (the big soul) and the incarnated soul in the body (little soul). In Sanskrit (ancient language of India) the word "yoga" means union, and somebody who has made the connection between their two spiritual selves is called a "yogi". Today in our culture we might call it being Self Actualized. It's a big deal because the spiritual self is constantly being harassed by the personality that has been created by the brain (most likely a wounded child) - and this personality can be terribly insecure (it knows it has to die) and is usually very adamant about feeling special and being in absolute control. It can be a lot to overcome. Some people no longer even hear their inner voice. From the earliest written records up to today, "Know Thyself" has been the maxim of the ages.

I believe most people who are falling apart could be called "soul sick".
   A lifetime of ignoring the nudgings from the Higher Self and giving in to unhealthy thoughts and actions has debased the temple (the body) that houses the little soul - and has caused the connection between the two halves of the soul to become weakened to the point of despair. When the little soul is feeling cut off, every cell in the body feels lost, helpless and depressed. It's an environment ripe for sickness, and worse, there's no mojo in the gas tank to fight off the illness. The Higher Self walks with angels, it has more power than any germ, virus or toxin. Which explains why some people never seem to get sick even though they are living in the same polluted environment, exposed to the same negetivity, and eating the same junk.

Proof that words can kill.
   Lots of people are in physical pain from emotional injuries. One traumatic event (as simple as being yelled at or being dumped) can lead to a lifetime of destructive thinking and behaviors. Not feeling worthy is the first step to suicide, either quick or slow with drugs and food. Overeating can be the result of feeling empty inside or used as a means of insulating one's self from hurtful people. These pains may teach you lessons, but once you've learned from the mistake, it's time to move on. Your Higher Self lives in a realm of infinite compassion, wisdom and energy. It is your sacred spark and it has the power to release you from every trauma and restore you to the curious, playful and energetic individual of your youth. Your Higher Self loves life and laughs at sickness. It sees you as healthy, wealthy, happy and spontaneous - and it has a plan to get you there. Your connection may be rusty from years of being too serious, too selfish, or too distracted. But it's still there (you'd be dead if it wasn't) and you can strengthen the connection with a little effort.

To Know Thyself is to Heal Thyself.
   To take even the smallest steps each day to become Self Actualized is very empowering. Lift the weights, make the dreaded phone call, sign up for the class, apply for the job, break the habits, do the meditations, fix the problems, write out your goals - whatever you know needs to be done. You will feel better about yourself and more hopeful about your future. Simply act on the urges you know are good, and resist the urges that you know are harmful. Your Higher Self will respond.
   When you sincerely reach out for guidance, and show that you are true, the flow of energy between the spiritual and the physical increases and you will be helped. Teachers will appear, the nudgings will happen more often, you'll become more psychic and you'll know what to do. To reinvent and regenerate yourself is to show your faith and appreciation to your Higher Self - and also to the big block that it is a chip of (God). With your Higher Self and God, all things are possible. Grow and be healed. Everyone upstairs is eager to help and they're waiting to see what you're going to do next.

There is a science to spirituality.
   Just as there are laws governing the physical aspects of life on Earth (gravity, magnetism, thermodynamics, etc.), there are "house rules" for the invisible aspects of life. When you understand the physical laws, you can use that information to get work done (like heat the house) and to avoid pitfalls (like falling in a pit). The same is true for the spirit world. You'll experience more greatness and you'll have an easier time when you understand the rules of the game. For life changing books that are fun to read, click this link.

Try This To Cure Your Heartburn

I found a neat natural remedy that's easy, harmless, and seems to work for me. Maybe it will work for you too. I also took the opportunity to go on one of my favorite rants (pills). About half the people disagree with me when I go there, but that's okay. Because I'm offering my opinion in a "tough love" sort of way I'm hoping I can get away with everything I say.

There's like an epidemic of heartburn in our society.
   And everybody's solution seems to be pop a pill! (Or chew a tablet, whatever.) Years ago I heard this amazing concept - the reason you have heartburn is not because there is too much acid in your stomach, but because there is not enough acid! If there were enough you would be digesting perfectly, but instead, your acid glands are exhausted so your stomach keeps churning away trying to break the food down. Some of that food gets past the overworked valve to your throat and gives you heartburn. The natural solution is to add more acid. The people who told me this were really touting the miraculous benefits of apple cider vinegar for heartburn and all kinds of ailments. I never tried it, but I did try eating a pickle the next time I got heartburn. And it worked! Since then, if I feel I have some heartburn coming on I eat a bite of pickle and maybe sip a little of the juice (vinegar). Most times my digestion improves and the heartburn goes away. Cool!
Eating an antacid kills the digestion process.
   Food eventually works its way out of the stomach and into the small intestines, but it's more likely to stagnate, or putrify instead of break down properly. Eating antacid tablets everyday can lead to digestive problems, perhaps even life threatening ones like colitis, diverticulitus and cancer. (I can't point to scientific studies to prove this to you, that's just what I've noticed from the people around me.)
Now most of us were not born with digestive problems.
   Up through young adulthood we could eat and lay down without any problems. So what happened? Can we be honest about it? You ate or drank too much didn't you. You ate foods that were unnatural and unhealthy didn't you. You knew it too, but you did it anyway. That's the problem! Popping pills will cover up your symtoms (heartburn), but it won't cure your disease (gluttony). Being stressed out, overweight, lacking essential nutrients, and not getting enough exercise - none of that is helping your guts either. And it also explains why you had better digestion when you were younger: you had less stress, you were skinnier, your mom made you eat vegetables, you ran around all day - plus, you didn't drink alcohol and you didn't sit at the table for very long! May you rise up to meet your challenges, and find more creative ways to fix your problems than the pharmaceutical solution. Consider the pills a stepping stone, where do you go from here?

A Key to Rejuvenate Your Body

   I recently read The Power of Prana: Breathe Your Way to Health and Vitality. If you do the exercises in this book I believe your health will improve, you'll have more energy, and you'll live longer. There is a current of divine energy flowing through everything, the Chinese called it chi, the ancients of India called it prana - it is a life force. Western medicine is not equipped to handle Eastern wisdom. (Doctors don't have chi-meters for example.)
    All sophisticated cultures of the past knew about this energy and our energy body which permeates and surrounds our physical body. The energy body breathes the life force in and uses it to energize and heal our physical body. Accupuncturists use this energy to heal. Martial artists use this energy to become superhuman warriors. This book will teach you more in an evening than you might ever learn if you spent years in a dojo or ashram.

44 Ways to Reverse Your Age

   Last year I spent every evening for a week writing out every age reversing trick I knew of. This report is the result. I consider it a rough draft, especially near the end. Someday it will get an update. There is at least one key point missing (Don't Give Up!) and probably some factual errors too. I'm not even sure I like the tone of it. But parts of it are great and there are lots of good ideas, maybe it can help you grow younger.

A DISCLAIMER: I'm not advising you to do anything. I'm not qualified. My purpose here is to present ideas to think about. If you get the urge to expirement on yourself with an idea you found here, I would think that's wonderful. Afterall, expirementing is what doctors do for you - "Oh, that caused you to break out in pustules? Here, try this instead." Naturally I'm not responsible for anything you do. Seek expert advice if you're feeling wobbley.

I learned about the importance of fiber from the Essential Cleansing book. It taught me many other cool things too. The routines for detoxing could be very helpful to you too. (If you like feeling better, having more energy, more youthful skin, that sort of thing.) But that book is out of print. Her newer book The Detox Strategy is probably even better. If you only buy one health book to try out this year, either one of these books (for the price of a coffee!) is money well spent in my opinion. The way I look at it, it's more foolish to not spend the money or the afternoon checking these ideas out! This is your body we're talking about!

When I write, I'm often writing to myself; reminders of the important concepts I've learned. If you're ever offended by my writing, please remember that you're eavesdropping on a conversation that I'm having with myself. If you're not offended, that's swell, you can take it personally then.

If I were to get serious about my diet, The Paleo Diet is the "what to eat" book I would expirement with. Eating too much of the wrong foods can kill you with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Food should energize and heal you. If food is hurting more than healing - maybe it's time for a change.

I heard this author speak, I think he's on to something. We certainly need protein in our diet, but most of us are eating way more meat than we really need. To be vegetarian for only five days out of the week is a great idea for better health, without having to give up the foods you love. $2.99 for a Kindle download - what a bargain!

Most of us are sensitive enough to realize when we are eating junk, or eating too much, or eating something that is disagreeing with our system. Making a dozen sensible little choices every day about what goes down the hatch is essential to our good health.

When I worked in a book warehouse I thought energy healing sounded interesting and I wondered if there was anything to it. I looked at every book on the subject. This is the only one that seemed worth taking seriously. It's written by an engineer, who learned from a school started by an engineer who approached energy healing as a science. The emphasis is on simple techniques that create duplicatable results that anybody can learn to use. This book changed my life.



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